My first company " Friendsgalan " 2010-2011

Together with two friends we started a company for our project in school. We booked a famous Swedish singer, the anti-bullying company Friends, collected sponsors and had a show for 1000 kids from first to sixth grade. I was so proud during the show, that I cried and I knew, this is what I want to do in my life!

My second company " Dermaphotos " 2011-2012

I moved eventually to Stockholm where I created Dermaphotos. Focusing on nightclubs, artists and events. I've been photographing fantastic concerts and events during this time, then I started travelling for one year, to make adventure productions with moving pictures.

Tom William Lindström

26 år - Photographer


Along with T-W Media, I make the world my workplace and never say no to a challenge.


Retrieved much experience in economic with my first company

"Friendsgalan" and the still image photography from my second company "Derma Photos". From these two, I brought with me the best experience, and also started creating film with T-W Media.. .


As more recently, has become the majority of my work. I've had jobs among SSF, Swedish Biathlon Federation, Outnorth, Swedish Adventure Series, SVT, Dagbladet, Red Bull, Ski Classics and much much more.

I've been mediaboss for The long distance Team, Team SERNEKE , Webpage and mediaboss for Sockertoppen arranged by Robin Bryntesson.


It's simply full speed!



Here you can follow my journey, 2018 is packed with

lovely pictures / movies from great productions. stories and all

my journeys.


Finishing with my quote to life


" How hard can it be? "


Take care!



April 10, 1992

Born and partly raised in Karlstad,

eventuelly moved to Torsby - SWE